Birthday Zodiac Flowers

Flowers which align with your Sun Sign are meant to assist you. Their meanings and attributes may actually challenge you, so don’t be surprised to perhaps see ones mentioned which don’t really please you. While you can use Zodiac Flowers yourself, by finding your matching flowers, they are also the perfect flowers for gift giving for those born under each sign, either in a fresh bouquet, plant, decorative or cosmetic form. There are many flowers with strong association with each zodiac sign, but here are a couple for each with their meanings and ways they will support you.


$ 85.00


Pisces – February 20 – March 20 


Bowl arrangement using a colour scheme of  Sea Green, Aqua to suit the Piscean person.  Carnations that are entwined with compassion and devotion and so support these aspects of those born under Pisces with other colourful flowers. Included is a small Amethyst crystal. Included is a small Amethyst crystal and may this crystal bring you abundant health, wealth and happiness.

PISCES – Have a great sense of humour, are very intuitive, and have a strong spiritual side. Born under the Pisces zodiac sign. Carnations, lilies, gladioli, moss,  orchids, are known as birth flowers to a Pisces that look fabulous in a wild or a more orderly arrangement.