Birthday Zodiac Flowers

Flowers which align with your Sun Sign are meant to assist you. Their meanings and attributes may actually challenge you, so don’t be surprised to perhaps see ones mentioned which don’t really please you. While you can use Zodiac Flowers yourself, by finding your matching flowers, they are also the perfect flowers for gift giving for those born under each sign, either in a fresh bouquet, plant, decorative or cosmetic form. There are many flowers with strong association with each zodiac sign, but here are a couple for each with their meanings and ways they will support you.


$ 115.00


Libra – 23rd September – 22nd October


Ceramic container filled with fresh flowers. Roses, Oriental Lillies, Orchids, soft foliages. Perfect for those who appreciate the softer colours. Included is a small Prehnite crystal tied and wrapped on a laminated description of Libra. May this crystal bring you abundant health, wealth and happiness.

A Libran is keen on balance, fair play and according to history and astrology justice for all too. Many flowers are associated with Librans including roses (known as their main birth flower). Blue plays a common theme through the flowers associated with Librans and so the perfect arrangement would be a mix of blue flowers and roses and plenty of greenery to tie them together.